Longwood Currency Trading

Longwood Currency Trading is primarily a proprietary FOREX foreign currency market trading firm which also provides fee based education and consultancy.

Located in the foot hills of the New Hampshire Lakes Region in New Durham, New Hampshire, Longwood Currency Trading was initially formed in 2007 for my own research and computer simulation analysis of the currency markets.

The company was formalized as a trading firm in 2012 for the purpose of encapsulating my own personal trading activities as well as to implement trading metrics analysis and tax reporting software applications which I developed through my software applications development consulting company, Riverside Software Development.

What this all means is that I don't run money for anyone but myself, I don't give market trading signal advice, and I don't have any clients.

However, I feel I have a responsibility to help folks who see the potential in trading the currency markets, but who need personal guidance. Thus, I also offer fee based customized mentoring and training.

"I never try to predict or anticipate. I only try to react to what the market is telling me by its behavior."
— Jessie Livermore

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